A transmission is a powerful form of healing that works multidimensionally. Essentially, your being becomes a conduit, connecting the high vibrational frequencies of Christ Consciousness and anchoring them into Gaia’s earth grids of light. As you channel these energies they displace long-standing patterns, belief systems and fears from the depths of your being, resulting in powerful shifts in your external reality.

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The innate wisdom of the high frequency consciousness and energies invoked allows us to work multidimensionally. This means that whether the blocked energies, contracts, traumas or whatever it may be are held on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, causal or etheric bodies, the healing energies will trace the issue to its source, clearing and balancing all levels of your being across all time, dimensions, space and realities.

Release Stuck Patterns and Belief Systems

Because the energies work multidimensionally, it means that they can root out very stubborn karmic cycles that you may feel trapped within. If you’ve tried many times to break free of something holding you back but not succeeded so far, this healing system can finally give you the liberation you seek. Often these issues are either ancestral, contractual or karmic, so trying to resolve them through self-reflection simply isn’t enough. The frequencies received during a transmission can penetrate deeply enough into your being to displace these blockages for good.


Align with Source

So much of our lives are spent disconnected. Even the most spiritually dedicated people have to deal with the day-to-day challenges of being human! As we draw closer to the solar flash, we are dealing with a major purging of shadow aspects and darkness. When you do a transmission you align fully with Source. This not only gives you a break from the harshness of life, but also gives you a reference point for how beautiful life can be when you fully embody your higher self and soul light.

Unite Heaven and Earth Within

During a transmission, you receive a beautiful, supportive and nurturing goddess energy from Gaia’s 5D crystalline earth grid. You can imagine this as a flower of life above and below her surface, formed from leylines, vortexes and her natural energy power points. You also receive a very high frequency energy from the Ascension grid, which can be envisioned as a layer of light that is pulsed from the Galactic Central Sun down into Gaia’s energy field and body. As these two energies Unite within you, their combined power allows you to have a deeply healing, incredibly blissful experience while remaining grounded in your body.

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Always Different

Gaia’s 5D crystalline grid and the Ascension Grid are always shifting and evolving. Because our planet and her inhabitants are transitioning into ascension, and because the Cosmos is a living, breathing and evolving being itself, the energies are different every time we work with them. When you receive a transmission you are realigning and attuning to the highest and newest energies available to us right now. This is still true when listening to an old transmission, as you will be interacting with the unique energies available at the time of listening.

Downloads, Activations and Upgrades

There is information contained within our Divine Blueprint that is not always readily available to us in our physical lives. This could be gifts or talents from past lives; qualities that are yet to be activated in this life; or abilities that are only now becoming available due to the increased energies of the Cosmic and planetary climate. Transmissions naturally awaken and activate your DNA, bringing these gifts to the forefront of your consciousness and awareness so you can incorporate them into your everyday reality.


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