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Inner Transformation Cacao Ceremony with Healing Transmission

  • 34 Fairfield Rd England, EX2 8UF United Kingdom (map)

We invite you to join us on a magical inner journey, guided by the beautiful Cacao Spirit. By combining the highest-frequency cacao on the planet with powerful guided energy transmissions, we create a space where profound shifts and transformation can occur. Whether you’re ready to be free of some long-standing repetitive cycles and blockages, or whether you simply need to hit the pause button on the stresses of everyday life, a cacao ceremony provides a safe and nurturing environment for you to give back to yourself and nourish your soul.

At our ceremonies, we sit in a circle and drink a lovingly-prepared sacred cacao elixir. Our delicious, warm cacao drink is made using the purest A-grade organic rainforest cacao that is hand-selected by Keith the Cacao Shaman in Guatemala. Keith chooses which cacao plants to harvest based on his own inner guidance as well as guidance from the cacao spirit. When we make the elixir we use filtered water that has been charged with crystals under the light of the most recent full or new moon. This synchronises us to the deeper patterns and cycles of nature and the Divine. We also bless the cacao and 'program' it to create an experience that is infused with intention and meaning.

Having consciously pursued a spiritual path for the past decade, we have come to respect both cacao ceremonies and energy transmissions as being the most powerful (yet gentle) forms of transformation and healing available to us. This is why we have decided to include an energy transmission as part of the cacao ceremony experience. An energy transmission is a very powerful and high-frequency healing. Both Ananja and Tim have trained under the Divine I AM Transmissions program with Vaz Sriharan, founder of the London College of Spirituality. Both cacao ceremonies and energy transmissions have a very feminine energy, allowing you to explore your spirituality in a soft and caring way while also enjoying the sensuality of the experience.

Our intention is to connect, hold space and support each other through whatever challenges we’re currently traversing. Often it is very synchronistic what people are struggling with or celebrating in their lives! As the chocolate takes effect, you'll feel your heart gently expand and reality soften. The energy transmission allows you to let go even deeper into the experience, working to release long-standing patterns and blockages once and for all.

Sacred ceremony used to be such an important part of our lives in past times; it is our pleasure to reopen this space and invite you to connect with a deeper, more meaningful aspect of yourself and your life. See you there!

Love Ananja and Tim xx

PS. If you are pregnant, have a heart condition or are taking antidepressants, please contact us before you purchase your ticket 🙏🏼