Pleiadian Channeling and How to Navigate this Pre-Event Phase

Many awakened starseeds have known since 2011/2012, if not for their whole lives, that there would be a major shift on this planet during their lifetimes. Many have also sensed that they would have an intrinsic part to play in all of this.

When I look back to that period in my life, around 7/8 years ago, things were so different. There was such a magic and mystery to life. I was totally in awe of the synchronicities and miracles that seemed to unfold around me. My exploration of consciousness often left me giddy with excitement. I was like a child again. Yes, there were difficult life lessons and karmic attachments that I had to pass through as part of my growth and evolution, but somehow they seemed easier to manage.

When I envisioned a mass awakening, in many regards I think I was quite naive. I have always imagined this great wave of light sweeping through the planet and her inhabitants. I have actually had prophetic dreams of this on a few occasions. The waves of light start to come in, they pulse through us almost like an orgasm and they feel so intense and blissful that all we can do is lie down and surrender. I do still believe that this will happen, and I wait with patient anticipation for that day to come.

What I hadn’t envisioned, or really even been prepared for in any way, was this pre-Event phase. I knew we would need to evolve rapidly. But it hadn’t occurred to me that evolution, under the current dimension and density, occurs through pressure and the need to change and adapt quickly to one’s changing environment. As we draw closer and closer to that epic moment where we surrender to the waves of light, we are being more and more squeezed.

Back in the day, it used to be that one area of life was challenging at a time. Maybe you had to unravel yourself from an unhealthy relationship dynamic, but if that were the case, you’d generally find that your home, career and friendship network were all fairly stable. Nowadays, anything and everything is crumbling, being dismantled, exploding, dissolving, you name it… and it is really, really hard.

I believe that as the light on the surface of the planet intensifies, there is just so much density that cannot coexist with it. So our deepest, most painful, paralysing traumas are all being raised to the surface for recognition, release, healing and for us to evolve beyond. On a 3D level, this will look like relationships falling apart as mother/father childhood wounding rears its head and wreaks havoc; jobs falling away to be replaced by meaningful soul-aligned work and service; health collapsing as you’re forced to create miracle healings… whatever it is you’re facing, I see you, I feel you and I get it. We are being got at from ‘all angles’ (that autocorrected to ‘all angels’ :) ) here and it is beyond anything I ever envisioned. It is gritty, harsh work.

Yet, at the same time, there is a beauty to all of this. I have noticed that as I traverse these intense times, my I AM presence is anchoring into my being in a stronger and stronger way every day. And with it, I feel less rattled with every blow. I feel a quiet serenity, strength and power slowly building in my core. I feel a confidence and a knowingness in who I AM, and more so than ever a total knowing of what I am here to do in this lifetime (at least until the Event).

It’s not going to be like this forever my friends. We are so close now. Make sure you make time for you. Invite your I AM presence to embody your physical body and entire being as often as possible, and feel the shift in yourself as a person.

I was just re-reading what I have written so far, when a photograph just blew off the wall above my head and landed next to me. I immediately felt the strong presence of my Pleiadian family, and they moved the photograph to get my attention. They wish to impart a message to you all now.

I am actually struggling to connect with a direct, clear signal to channel them, but rather I am getting a sense of what they wish to communicate so I will share it in my own words.

The message I am getting is that now, more than ever, it is of the utmost importance that we keep faith. We are watching things take place on our planet that are heartbreaking, and can put us in a state of paralysis and hopelessness. (I am channelling them directly now.) On the contrary, the most powerful frequency that we can embody right now is that of faith. We are witnessing the destruction and collapse of habitats, species, oceans… and when that is the situation, it can be really hard not to feel like this is an utterly hopeless scenario. Things were always going to be darkest before the dawn though. If we can hold faith that this is all part of the ushering in of the new earth, of the creation of the 5th Dimensional paradise - then we are manifesting it NOW. Do not despair. Relief is close. But beyond that; FREEDOM is close. LOVE. UNITY. Keep holding the flame. It is not long before we will be able to put down our torches and collapse into a heap. We have no idea what awaits us. It is the kind of magic that happens once in a Universe’s lifetime! In fact, the whole Universe is watching. The more you can clear, cleanse, heal and transmute PRE-EVENT, the more powerful your experience of the Event will be. Connect with us directly. We are here. Also, Ananja has increased her capacity to channel light codes and our presence via her Pleiadian Healing Transmissions, so we also invite you to connect with us through her.

You have done so well. You have taken on more than you were ever meant to take on. Your shoulders and back are heavy with the burdens that you bear. But one day you will look back on this with gratitude and awe. You will see yourself clearly for the hero you truly are. We love you infinitely. A world of unity and co-creation awaits. We are so close.

All our love,

The Pleiadians xx

Ananja here again! To be honest, they’re not saying anything we haven’t heard before - but what I’m really getting, and I hope you feel too, is their loving presence and their encouragement to keep holding the faith. Admittedly it is easier for them when they’re not in the midst of the intense purging like we are, but they truly are marching by our sides and they feel our suffering to a certain degree. I also felt super uncomfortable ‘plugging’ my healing sessions as a way to connect with them (even though it came from them), but that’s my own s*** that I need to deal with - just another layer to cleanse!

Anyway. I truly send you so much love. This has been a bit of a waffly post but I just felt the need to get a message out. I love you.

Ananja x