UPDATE TO "THE TIME HAS COME - Channeled Message From My Pleiadian Soul Family"

Wowwwww!!! Wow wow wow!

So I was reading the Facebook comments on the post ‘The Time Has Come - Channeled Message From My Pleiadian Soul Family, 6th July 2019’. I saw someone had posted that Epstein had been arrested. I was like, Epstein? As in Jeffrey Epstein? The evil billionaire supervillain child trafficker who has a private island for all his elite political and celebrity friends? The guy who is so well-connected that through his arrest alone they could probably bring down most of the Cabal?!!!????!!!! MAJOR FIST PUMPS!

I looked up online (I don’t say Googled any more because they’re sooooo old news - try Ecosia or something similar) and discovered that, sure enough, Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested. BOOM.

I then noticed that he had been arrested on Saturday. The same day that my Pleiadians contacted me to deliver the impactful message, ‘The Time Has Come’. I tried digging a little deeper to find out the exact time of his arrest. Unfortunately I was unable to find that much detail. However, what I did discover is that the Daily Beast were the first media outlet to cover his arrest HERE. Their article was published at 7.53pm ET, which would have been 0.53am BST. I published my blog post at 8.42pm BST, so the Daily Beast reported Epstein’s arrest a mere 4 hours after my article went up and I had my Pleiadian contact. This means that it is more than likely that Epstein was arrested around the time I was in contact with my Pleiadian family.

Where this gets really interesting is that the main message from my Pleiadian family was: THE TIME HAS COME. When I saw the Daily Beast article, the first headline read: LONG TIME COMING.



The synchronicity between these two statements, the timing, and the fact that Epstein is a key figure in the downfall of the cabal - it totally. blew. my. mind!!!!

It felt like Divine confirmation that this truly is happening my friends.

All my love,

Ananja and the Pleiadians xx

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