THE TIME HAS COME - Channeled Message from my Pleiadian Soul Family, 6th July 2019

I have felt very spaced out today (I started writing ‘I have spelt’ just to illustrate this!) I thought it was caused by low blood pressure and anaemia. I have been walking around in a strange daze, at times feeling very high, ungrounded and breathless.

As the day went on it felt more like an energetic experience that was causing physical symptoms in my body. I started feeling like it was maybe ascension symptoms after all. Then, about twenty minutes ago, I was in the garden eating dinner with my partner Tim while our son was playing on the grass. Suddenly, with crystal-clear clarity, I felt my Pleiadian family telepathically contact me. The way I experienced it was quite visceral; it felt like a disc was moving over me to eclipse my awareness of everything else around me, and this disc symbolised my Pleiadian family and their ship. It’s quite abstract and hard to describe! I received a clear message: ‘We have a message for you. Go and channel.’ So here I am.

(Just as an aside, I haven’t felt a connection and communication this strong with them since I set up my website around eighteen months ago. I have worked with them in healings and on an energetic basis regularly, but I have received little information/verbal guidance from them. At times this has been quite disheartening, but I have learnt to accept it now and to focus on building my life with my family as a priority.)


Hello Ananja. It is us again. We are so joyful to feel this connection and alignment with you. It has been a long time both for you and for us.

We wish for you to post this on your website. You are welcome to remove any personal elements if you so wish; however the message we have here is for the benefit of all humanity, not just you.

The time has come. (I am getting full-blown crazy intense shivers all over my body as I hear these words).

The time has come and it is of the utmost importance that you are prepared and ready. Ready yourselves. The moment that you have all desired for such a long period of time is drawing closer.

There are many of you who gave up. Many who are so weary, so disillusioned that you have all but thrown in the towel. The preparation for the shift had to be THOROUGH; it had to be COMPLETE. It has been an essential aspect to ensure that we learn as much as possible from this Galactic (and Universal) tragedy, to ensure the same unnecessary suffering never be allowed to occur again. NO STONE SHALL BE LEFT UNTURNED. This clean-up is thorough; it is complete. It will reach into every corner of darkness and shadow, and transmute ALL to LIGHT. Make no mistake. This is the will of Source, of the Divine, and so IT IS. (Just to add my own notes here. I highly recommend reading David Wilcock’s most recent article. It actually contains a lot of activations which help us prepare at a higher level. The clean-up the Pleiadians are referencing here is the complete eradication of the cabal, the Deep State and of all evil. It is a multi-dimensional, multi-organisational, incredibly thorough clean-up. The solar flash could eradicate the remaining darkness, but my sense is that the more we can clean-up and complete with the darkness before the solar flash, the better it will be for the Galaxy energetically and to ensure this never happens again. This is why it’s taking so frickin’ long! Just my personal take and intuition.)

Once again; to those who have almost given up hope. And to those who have given up hope. Remember a time, when you felt in every fibre of your being that a radical shift on this planet was about to occur? Do you remember? Do you remember the feeling in your body? The excitement; the electricity; the knowing? There was a part of you, at that time, that knew in your heart and in every cell of your body that this great shift of Ages was upon us. However, as external intel and guidance dried up, your enthusiasm and passion weakened. Your flame grew weak. And yet, you still knew on some level, at some time, that the great awakening would occur.

We are here to advise you now to take yourselves back to that moment. When you dropped everything to prepare; to learn what you needed to know to support as many people as possible through the shift. That time has come once more. It is HERE. It is NOW. Prepare yourselves. Prepare your food; prepare your water. VISUALISE and run through the process of how you will help your family, friends, neighbours. You incarnated for this, here, now. It is time.


(An aside - I just received that the reason I have felt so out of it today is that they have been gradually raising my frequency throughout the day so that I could receive this as a clear message without interference).

Towards the end of this message I felt my connection waning. I did write another paragraph, but I wasn’t sure of its authenticity and I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t an accurate channelling, so I deleted it. However, I can absolutely, 100%, hand-on-heart say that the writing above in italics has been a very real channeling from my Pleiadian family.

Now, I want to add a disclaimer to all of this. We have all fallen pray to the ‘hype’ surrounding the Event at one time or another. For those of us (me!) who put their lives on hold for it, we have often become weary and jaded. But for me, I need to take this message seriously. I mean, we can either prepare for the Event to happen and feel mentally, emotionally and physically ready which may well mean a smoother transition for us and those around us; or, we prepare, and it doesn’t happen for another 5 years so we probably feel disillusioned for a while longer. But for me, knowing that this is such a major part of my soul purpose, I’m going to get on the ‘get ready and be prepared’ bus. What you do with this is up to you.

I also need to say that this is only my perspective from my relationship with my Pleiadian Soul Family. It is channeled, and as with all channeled information, I cannot guarantee that it is completely accurate. The best I can do is advise you to use your own discernment, and try to feel the message and the energy behind the words to see if it feels authentic to you.

If this is all true… SHAZAAAYAAMMMM!!! See you on those ships y’all!

Love Ananja and the Pleiadians xxx