We Are Being Moved into Position for the Event

Well, if you made it this far through Mercury Retrograde, hats off to you! This has been one intense ride to say the least. Through my observations of friends and clients (though all clients feel like friends!) I would say that we are seeing a revealing and healing of deep, deep wounding. Those most painful, traumatised parts of us that we’ve perhaps been too scared or overwhelmed to confront before have been making themselves known during this retrograde period. So if you feel like you have been tossed into a fire pit, just know that it is the flame of transformation and you are being cleansed and purified of your deepest shadow aspects. This is so that you can hold more light as we transition through the Event, and ultimately, be free.

What I really want to talk about here though is a very interesting phenomenon that I have been observing lately. My family is relocating this month. Another friend of mine moved house, and yet another relocated recently. Another is due to relocate to another country in a month or so, and someone else was also telling me about relocating to another country soon. I don’t have that many friends, so I was just like, what’s with all this moving?!

Then there are the relationship endings. There seem to be a lot of relationships coming to an end, whether short-term or long-term. It can obviously be a very heartbreaking life event to go through, and I truly send my love to anyone who’s experiencing this. But again - why so many?!

When I have tuned into it, the guidance that I have received is that WE ARE BEING MOVED INTO POSITION FOR THE EVENT. Whether it’s a specific physical location on the globe, or an opening or closing of connection with another soul/group of souls - we are being moved into position. It may be to anchor light in a particular area, or the shifting in relationship dynamics may be to open your heart and energies to meeting your off-planet soul family. Tune in and see what resonates for you.

Pay attention to your inner callings now. Hold off on taking action until a couple of days after Mercury has gone direct on August 2nd. But until, and after then, be very observant of your inner guidance. Do you feel like you need to be somewhere? Has a relationship run its course - or do you feel pulled towards new people? Maybe people you haven’t even met yet but that you feel some kind of connection with on the astral/etheric planes?

All of this can be hard to process and transition through. We are amidst such radical change; dimensional change that will affect every layer and fibre of your being profoundly. So be gentle with yourself. If you feel like you need a helping hand, you can always book a one-to-one Pleiadian Healing Transmission to gently heal, clear and align you with your highest timeline and purpose.

All our love,

Ananja and the Pleiadians xx