My Top 3 Tips to Prepare your Body for The Event

If you’ve made it this far, congrats! In my eyes you are truly a S/HERO.

The build up to this most recent full moon has just been so incredibly intense. I have never felt so squeezed in my life. I can most definitely see where the term ‘Compression Breakthrough’ comes from. However, not only have I felt like I’m being squeezed from above and below, but also from left, right and centre.

I’m sitting on my bed now, having some much-needed ‘me’ time. I drank some ceremonial cacao and practised the He-Ru Breath Meditation from Return of the Light (instructions linked HERE). As I moved into a space of stillness and infinity, this blog post emerged from the ethers.

In many ways I am in a great place right now. I love my work; my soul mission. I know and am surrendered to my ‘healing cycle’. And yet, I find myself in a very hyped-up, overstimulated and borderline neurotic space most of the time. I feel like I am always having to just keep pushing through. Someone needs me. Something has to be done. There are commitments to keep. Doctors appointments. 3D life. When can I ever just collapse into bed and sleep for 3 days straight?! I just don’t see the space for it. So I just keep… on…  pushing… through.

We all have our different coping mechanisms in life. Mine is cacao. However, far from being a healthy alternative, it has become quite an unbalanced addiction in my life. I wake up exhausted, usually from a poor night’s sleep dealing with either attacks or a restless son or whatever it is. I roll out of bed feeling like I haven’t even got anything left to start the day with, zombie-walk into the kitchen and reach for the raw chocolate. It’s become a ‘hit’ for me; a replacement for the morning coffee that so many people depend upon.

As happens every once in a while with me, it’s sent me spinning into a vicious cycle. I’m having so much cacao that it’s disturbing my sleep, so then I’m even more tired when I wake up in the morning and even more inclined to reach for the cacao again. Well my friends; it’s time for me to give myself the care I need and break this habit. It’s time for us all to gift ourselves what we truly, deeply need. And yes, there is enough in this Universe for us to receive exactly what we need to not just survive, but to thrive.

Our nervous systems are highly overstimulated with the incoming light. You know how you feel when it’s a full moon, or when the sun’s in a highly active phase: jitteriness, anxiety, stress, tension, overwhelm, neuroses… these are all the marks of a kind of cosmically-stimulated spiritual awakening. With the Event fast approaching, these are the sensations and emotions that many of us are experiencing.

If you (like me) want to make it out the other side of this in one piece, then I have 3 top tips on how to prepare your body for the Event, essentially assisting it in adapting to the incoming energies while staying CALM and BALANCED.


Ditch the coffee. Ditch the overdependence on cacao (me!) Ditch the sugar. Only you know what your vice is, and what makes you feel on edge. You know which foods and drinks give you that kind of fast-paced intense energy, rather than calming and soothing you. It might take breaking an addiction or two, but I know what a powerful soul you are. You are so much bigger than that pesky addiction. You gots this 💪🏼

Instead, swap your stimulants for adaptogenic herbs. These, in my opinion, are the most perfectly-designed natural medicines available to us at this time. As is suggested in the name, they help the body to adapt. Especially under stressful situations. ie. The Event. (Stressful situation? Much?!)

You can buy adaptogenic herbs as powdered extracts, in their raw form or encapsulated. My favourite is to go foraging - especially for reishi. Reishi-hunting is AWESOME! If you feel unsure about taking the plant from nature, you can communicate with its spirit to ask its permission first. You can add the extracts to smoothies, add hot water to the extract to make it into a tea, or brew them in their raw form for longer periods to extract all that adaptogenic goodness. They are available from all good health food stores. As always, do your research to ensure you’re getting the best quality.

Tim (my partner)’s favourite 3 adaptogens are:

  • Reishi

  • Siberian Ginseng

  • Ashwaganda

He’s pretty clued up on this stuff so I trust his opinion!


Many people swear by chlorella, a few people think it’s evil (there’s always someone right?!). My partner Tim works for a totally awesome chlorella brand called Sun Chlorella, and I’ve learnt so much about it through him that I swear by the stuff. I also channeled some interesting information on supplementing with green algaes. Green pigments in plants are related to the photosynthesis of light.

“Photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy into chemical energy that can later be released to fuel the organisms' activities” - Wikipedia.

My guidance has been that we need to increase our intake of green pigments essentially to help us photosynthesise/process the light from the solar flash. Chlorella also has a whole host of positive side effects such as drawing out heavy metals from the body, it’s highly nutritious, it increases immunity, acts as an antioxidant… the list goes on.

Just make sure you source your chlorella from Japan or Taiwan rather than China as they generally have higher quality control (for chlorella), and also make sure that it has a high cracked-cell wall % to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from it (according to Tim the only way you can really do this is to ensure you get it from a reputable brand. I might be biased but I truly believe Sun Chlorella is the best brand out there).


This one is kinda simple but sometimes simple works best. If there’s anything that calms an overstimulated nervous system, it’s meditation. Just making the time to get into that space of stillness does a world of good in itself. To connect with the infinite Divine that dwells so far beyond this reality (and yet just below the surface). To remember your god-essence. Your purity. To stop thinking and doing. To simply BE.

That quietness is the antidote to the chaos and destruction of the dismantling of this 3D reality. That calm sanctuary is always right there, inside of you. Don’t forget it - it could be your greatest tool for an easy life.

Well. This started out as a journalling session about what I need to change in my life over this full moon in Aries, and it turned into a fully-fledged blog post! Look at that. Magic.

I hope you guys are all holding up ok. Don’t forget the importance of the 11-11 portal coming up in November. Make sure you’re signed up to my mailing list, and following me on Facebook and Instagram as I’ll soon have some important announcements coming up relating to that day.

You’re doing an AMAZING job - don’t forget it <3

Love Ananja xx