A Pleiadian Message about Saturday 11th August 2018

A couple of days ago, I felt my Pleiadian soul family contacting me strongly again. It had the familiar feeling to it - a kind of heaviness coming over my body and a desire to stop whatever I'm doing and lie down. They first approached me earlier in the day, with a clear message, but it wasn’t until the evening when I received a full attunement. Usually I am so ‘busy’ I ask them to hold off, until it gets to the point in the day where dinner’s on the table and then I can’t hold it back any longer! So in the evening, I lay down on the sofa and drifted off in a blissful state while they gave me all the downloads and activations I need for the coming weeks.

I am writing this because I have been guided to share the message they passed on to me. Now it’s really important here that you use your full discernment in what I’m saying. I fully believe in my contact with my Pleiadian family and the messages they deliver me, however this is through telepathic contact and so I don’t want us to pin all our hopes on it. Instead, we can see it as a morale boost!

The message is as follows (translated from my memory of what they shared):

The coming meditation on Saturday 11th August will create a tremendous breakthrough. Currently, the energies and efforts of all the light forces, including the Resistance Movement, have been on this meditation and the operations that will take place at the same time. Therefore, inviting people down to join the Resistance Movement has not been a priority in the lead up to the day of the meditation.

However, once this meditation has taken place, so much of the darkness will have been cleared that it will be a lot safer and easier for the transition of the first group into the Resistance Movement. Not only that, but first contact for the most awakened Starseeds will be made that much more possible. It’s almost like so much light will be anchored during that window that it creates a clear corridor/passageway for advanced positive ETs to approach the surface, both from above and below the surface.

They actually opened the communication with me by saying, ‘We will meet you in person very soon, either above or below the surface’.

Further to this above message, I also got the feeling that the Event could potentially occur very soon after this meditation as it will create such a major shift.

But there is ONE MAJOR CAVEAT to the truth of this message. We need to actually do the meditation! So, do what you need to do to spread the word today. Even calling or emailing people personally can make a real difference. We are so close my friends, and tomorrow (Saturday 11th August) is truly the opportunity of a lifetime!

The link for the meditation is here.

You can also join me for my Ascension Transmission webinar at 6PM UTC on the same day. We will focus on aligning with our highest personal timelines and ascension, and again triggering the Event. Let’s do this my friends!

Much love,

Ananja <3