Earth Day

Happy Earth Day beautiful souls!

(If you want a way to celebrate Earth Day and make a significant contribution to the healing of our planet, check out the webinar which will be running tonight. Event info is here and tickets are available here)

Earth day is a funny day. It has two sides to it. On the one hand, we can celebrate the beauty and abundance of nature. Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel for how our great mother nourishes, supports and balances us, with such grace, ease and beauty. On the flipside, we’re all too aware of the destruction and pain that humanity has inflicted upon her. It’s hard to be all party poppers and pompoms on a day like today, without feeling a level of sadness and mourning at the state we’ve got ourselves into.

A few weeks ago I was guided to do a transmission where we connect to our star brothers and sisters (aka positive ETs) and tell them that we’re ready for first contact. I was given 22nd April as the date for the transmission. Today rolls around, and I’m like - oh my god - we’re doing the transmission on Earth Day! How perfect is that?! I love that I received this guidance from my ET guides, and honestly it could not have come at a better time!

This incredible synchronicity helped me to see things in a different way. We’re in such a little bubble down here on earth. It got me thinking that earth isn’t really even ours, is it? We sort of take it for granted that earth is pretty much owned by humans, with animals being secondary and plantlife at the bottom of the food chain. We also know that there are many, many different extraterrestrial races out there. So why does earth not belong to them too?

The sad fact of the matter is that we have been kept in a kind of quarantine by negative ET groups for a very long time. So long that we’ve had our origins erased from memory and history. We’ve been kept ‘in’, and the positive ETs have been kept ‘out’. But the negative control and reign over us is coming to end. While I believe this is written in the stars, we also all have a role to play individually.

On the 3D level, we can make decisions that have less of an impact on earth. Eat predominantly vegan, eat organic, support local businesses and farmers etc. But we can also make a vote with our consciousness. When the quarantine comes to an end, the advanced ET technologies will literally undo all the chaos that has happened to our planet in the blink of an eye. Oceans will be cleaned and restored, the atmosphere will be purified. Cars will run clean (and that’s just until we transition into who-knows-what kind of awesome vehicles!) We will have replicators that mean all our desires are provided for, without us having to essentially rape the earth to feel like we have enough. There will be more than enough for every living soul. Abundance will be our natural state. So why not make it happen now?

I highly recommend using meditation and intention to start ‘casting your vote’ that we are ready for these advanced ET technologies. That we want the health of our planet to be restored ASAP. You can do this by going into a meditative state, maybe using some theta music, and imagining sending a signal out to the positive ETs that we want their help. Feel it with your heart. Visualise connections being made, healing taking place, love being our base currency. It’s SO within our power to do this, and it’s so easy to do! All it takes is your decision and a bit of focused intention.

If you would like to celebrate Earth day with me, feel free to join our webinar tonight where we will send a powerful, unified signal out to the Cosmos that we are ready for our positive ET brethren to unite with us. It will be transformational, powerful and a lot of fun :)

Happy Earth Day!

Much love,

Ananja xx