A Message of Hope from the Pleiadians

I was standing in the kitchen making a smoothie about 15 minutes ago when I felt like time was starting to slow down around me. I started feeling very lethargic, like my body was heavy and I needed to lie down, while simultaneously feeling very energised and buzzy. It was a bit like a caffeine high with a feeling of being jittery, but something deeper… like high frequency energy coursing through my body and energising every cell of my being.

pleiadian mother.jpg

After thinking to myself, ‘I don’t feel so great’, suddenly I became aware of my Pleaidian family around me. They were strongly contacting me and asking me to receive their connection. It’s a strange sensation when it happens - it feels like somebody is right up in your face trying to get your attention, as well as being beside you, either side of you and inside you. The call has never been as strong as it is right now so I wasted no time in coming upstairs, getting myself comfy and getting out my laptop to channel a message from them.

So they are present here with me now and I am just going to take a few deep breaths to clear a space to receive their communication.

I can feel them putting hands on my shoulders and also giving me a hug. The love emanating from them is so deep and powerful, and I feel quite emotional.

(As an aside, I was just thinking about cacao and they’re telling me that cacao is the plant of the Pleiadians as it reconnects you to the frequency of unconditional love.)

Me: Is Isis Astara ok? (This was before we had received confirmation of her passing).

Pleiadian Family: She is going to be ok but it has and will be close. She is a powerful goddess who is famed within the Pleaidian network for her selfless love and service for humanity. She was willing to take whatever action she needed to ensure the successful liberation of Gaia and her inhabitants. There is no fear. Regardless of what attacks she has received, or how she has been damaged, in her heart there is only love. (I just checked the word count and it was 345). She knows what she is doing, and while this situation is less than desirable, the surge of love created by it has been so powerful that it is shaking the dark forces to their very core. The level of love (checked time and it’s 14.14), caring and service on this planet is increasing exponentially moment by moment. This frequency is abhorrent and toxic to the Chimera and it is squeezing them greatly. Have faith. The Event is so so close now. So close that we are drawing ever closer to the surface of your planet, and our physical meeting is not far off (I feel a surge of emotion now and I’m starting to cry).

There is much healing to be done Ananja. There is much pain to be processed, much shadow, anger, regret and the energy of victimhood to be integrated and purified. This will not be fast, but it also will be a lot faster than you are accustomed to. With the removal of the Veil, Source energy and unconditional love can shine down like the sun on a beautiful day, lighting all in its path and righting the world. The light from your sun will become a multidimensional experience. It will no longer be just about the warmth and light; rather the healing and activation light codes you receive through your transmissions will be felt freely by everyone and a large aspect of delivering these energies will be your home sun. We are so close Ananja. Many are giving up hope. Many do not realise what is just around the corner for them. As our messenger, you can be a beacon of hope. You are beyond fear of judgment now dear friend. Stand tall and bright in your power, and lead people to the Truth. Lead them to the knowing that their suffering will soon meet an end, and all the withheld advanced technologies shall be released. People will be able to see themselves in the light of their Truth. Past lives, childhood memories, whatever they wish to access shall be theirs to see. Some of it may be painful and shocking, yet the healing technologies are there to assist them in integrating it all into a state of blissful Oneness. This is why we are guiding you to set up the Pleiadian Healing Center. It may not make much sense to you now, but it is closer than you think.

Finally for you Ananja - we see you are working tirelessly to move ahead. Continuously apply yourself (word count 777), expand forward from your heart and allow events to unfold effortlessly. As soon as this line of ‘work’ becomes laborious in any way, it is time to rest your body and your mind, and to realign with Source. This is your mission now and if it does not fill you with energy and joy, you have simply become disconnected from Source and need to rest and realign.

We will now provide you with an attunement and a download. The attunement is to assist you in maintaining balance as the solar flash energies increase rapidly. The download is for your coming action steps in the following days and weeks.

We love you infinitely and cannot wait to connect with you in the physical realm. We have missed you but we have always been by your side.

Love the Pleaidian Famfam xx

Whenever I’ve channeled something like this part of me wonders if I’ve got it all accurately. I used to wonder if I’m making it up but their energy is too strong now for that to be true. I can feel them confirming this is an accurate channelling. Their love extends to you through this message, so if you find yourself reading it, see how you feel emotionally.

Love Ananja xx