Why You’re Struggling to Discover Your Life Purpose and Why You’re Actually on the Right Track

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post called ‘The Solar Flash is Close…’ Within three days, my still-incomplete website had received over 1000 unique visitors. I was inundated with Facebook comments, messages, phone calls… it blew my mind! Strangers told me how the post had moved them to tears. People poured out their own experiences of ET contact. When I wrote the post, sitting on my bed with my partner Tim watching our son Tommy downstairs, I thought, ‘I hope this helps someone - maybe 10-20 or so people will read it and it might help one or two of them in some way’. From that to 1000 (now 2000+) individual souls who I have connected with energetically… it blew. my. mind. I was so overcome with emotion, and it was just further validation to me that I am on the right path.

Over the coming days, there was one question that I just couldn’t get out of my mind. Why? Why did people connect with my words so much? What is it about what I wrote that meant so much to people? I have been reflecting on this ever since, and I’ve realised that there is an important message that many people in the awakened community need to hear.

If you’re like me, you will have spent your whole life feeling out of place. Literally like an alien. When I was a kid, I didn’t even notice that some other kids had different coloured skin to me. When I realised it’s actually a ‘thing’ to treat people with a different skin colour differently to how you would treat people with the same skin colour, I was totally baffled. It made no sense, never has, never will. When I realised our planet is dying so fast my son won’t have a planet to call home, and yet the people who I believed were in charge at the time (politicians) spent their time arguing over ridiculously irrelevant and minor issues, I was totally baffled. When I realised that so much of our decision-making and life path is done on complete autopilot, I was really, really baffled. I was just like, what is this place???!!! Where am I? Take me hooooome!!!

Also if you’re like me, you will have had a sense that you’re destined for great things. You know, deep down inside, that you come from a better place. That you’re here to help people see that there’s a better way. If you’ve dug deep enough, you’ll have come to the realisation that the dire situation we find ourselves in isn’t even natural; it’s orchestrated. Dig deeper still and you realise we’re in a spiritual and etheric war. Start actively and consciously anchoring the light and suddenly you find yourself on the front line of that war, living a reality that the vast majority of people around you don’t even know exists. To say it’s tough is an understatement.

So, you know you’re different, and you know you’re destined for great things. But this world is just too tough right now for you to get your shit together and ‘get out there’. Every day you spend muddling through, hoping (praying) the solar flash and mass awakening will happen soon, doing what meditations and lightwork you can but still battling the same old fears, self-doubt, anxiety etc etc. Knowing that you have some great ‘mission’ that you’re supposed to do, but not really knowing what it is yet… and definitely feeling too overwhelmed by how awful the world is to really do anything about it. I know this because up until very recently, this has been my life. And coming back full circle: I realised that the reason I had such a great response to that blog post, is because the people who read it KNOW that they will also be standing up in a leadership role, speaking their truth and speaking from their hearts… and it was almost like a relief to find someone already doing it. It connected them to that energy and gave them permission to envision it for themselves. They also KNOW that ET contact is close, and that they may even be the ambassadors/ representatives for various ET groups. And again, reading an account of someone who is experiencing this right now, gives hope and faith to those who know deep down inside that this is also their destiny, but may be close to giving up hope because this mental situation on this mental planet has gone on for far too long.

Cobra said that many starseeds will only remember their mission after the solar flash. I believe this is true. I believe that many of us know we are here for big things, but we just can’t quite get clarity on it yet. What this most likely means is that you are a healer and a builder of the new world. You are a starseed who knows the Truth of how magical life can be, and you are here to bring those gifts forward for humanity to help rebuild Gaia as the beautiful paradise she can and will be. Your unique offering is so critical to the rebuilding of this planet. And rather than feeling like a misfit who is constantly trying to find some kind of balance in a world that makes no sense to you, you will confidently shine like a star, just emanating your soul presence and following your guidance on how to express your soul light each and every day. The solar flash will change the world so you have a natural baseline, as this world will have been ‘corrected’ energetically. You will then build your foundations upon this reset and evolve your greatness into being. It’s non-negotiable - this is your destiny and it is just around the corner.

In the meantime, the greatest thing you can do, and how I’ve managed to step into my leadership role now, is by following your heart. Over many painful years I have stripped back layer after layer of PTSD, trauma, inauthenticity, safety and coping mechanisms, addictions, fear… to land here and to be able to express my true voice without fear. It has been painful, hard, intense shadow work. And I think in some ways, stepping into my leadership role pre-solar flash is my reward for all the work I’ve done on myself. By following your heart, you connect with that part of yourself that will be firmly anchored in the new reality, so it’s like a portal into your life and you as a human being post-solar flash. If you want some support in getting there, I am offering one-to-one transmissions to help you make quantum leaps in your healing and evolution. Email me at ananja@pleiadianhealingcenter.com to make a booking.

So just know, things will fall into place for you. This world will change into a place that nurtures and nourishes your gifts, so you don’t have to fight kicking and screaming to just be yourself and express yourself freely. A future more expansive and beautiful than we can begin to imagine is just around the corner. Keep holding faith, keep holding the vision of this new Gaia and keep being kind to yourself.

Love Ananja xx