Anchoring Goddess energy - the legacy of Isis Astara

A few weeks ago, we received the sad news that a leader in our starseed community, Cobra’s twin flame Isis Astara, had passed away. I was contacted by a close friend before she’d passed, and I started a remote transmission with her that I programmed to continue through the night until I closed it down. The transmission was so out-of-this-world powerful. I could feel how powerful Isis was as a soul, and it was an honour to be able to help her.

The next morning I tuned into her, and I couldn’t get anything. There was a kind of emptiness there. A few hours later, we received the tragic news that she had passed away.

I had never met Isis Astara. So I was quite confused about how I reacted to the news. I was deeply stricken with grief. I burst into tears, shaking with sobs and I just had to curl up in a ball in bed. I could get on with things for a little while, but then I would slowly feel heavier and heavier, comfort eating and trying to distract myself, until I finally gave myself the space to go and have a massive cry again. This cycle continued for about five days or so until it lifted. I assume the reason I was so heartbroken is that we must have a strong soul connection. When I heard the news that she will be able to return and reunite with Cobra, my heart was so full of joy. Still, it doesn’t take away the sadness of what Cobra has had to experience.

What happened in the days after her passing, though emotionally tough, was also very beautiful. I felt lsis’s presence everywhere I went. She filled every room. It was like the whole environment was drenched in goddess energy. It was so beautiful! I suddenly got the message of what it meant to anchor goddess energy. It wasn’t about doing some grand gesture, or being ‘successful’ in how many people I could assist in healing… it was about the little things. A subtle energy inside of me. How I talk to my son. The music I choose to listen to. Looking at myself in the mirror with kindness instead of criticism. How I feel in my body. Whether I choose to walk hard and fast down a street, or whether I slow down to feel my femininity, take my time, sway my hips.

I wanted to adorn my surroundings with beauty. These little actions suddenly held so much power in them. I bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers for our bedroom. I almost bought myself a Valentine’s card with the intention of telling myself how much I truly value everything that I am. That one fell through as I ended up chasing Thomas around the supermarket before I could buy it hehe! I was guided to wear rose quartz to help my heart heal. I picked a new rose quartz stone and made it into a necklace. I was also guided to work with rose oil. It was after I shared this guidance with a group of fellow lightworkers that one of them pointed out the link with Sisterhood of the Rose:

"In Atlantis, priestesses of the Goddess were gathering in circles of twelve to anchor the energy of peace and harmony. They were called the Sisterhood of the Rose. They later reemerged in ancient Egypt as priestesses of Isis, with rose being a sacred symbol of the Goddess Isis.”

In his most recent post, Cobra recommended that we focus on anchoring Goddess energy as much as possible:

So, here are my suggestions for how we can anchor goddess energy in this final phase of planetary liberation.

  1. Do the meditation in Cobra’s post above as often as you feel guided. Similarly with the goddess spiral.
  2. Listen to this new transmission I have recorded here. This anchors goddess energy and gives you an Isis attunement. As it is a transmission, you do not need to consciously focus on it but can simply allow the energies to work through you.
  3. Connect with nature. Go for a long, idle walk through a beautiful forest or on a beach. Try to get out of your mind and notice how the goddess is so present in all of nature.
  4. Work with rose quartz. It is such a gentle and nurturing crystal.
  5. Bring fresh flowers into your home. You can also gift someone else with flowers.
  6. Work with rose oil. Either put it in a diffuser, or use a few drops in massage oil.
  7. Drink rose petal or rosehip tea.
  8. Take a long, luxurious salt bath with rose petals or rose oil sprinkled in it.
  9. Do something crafty. Make some jewellery, or do some colouring in. YouTube has a gazillion how-to videos, and I love to make my favourite stones into necklaces following their tutorials.
  10. Be gentle with yourself. You are so alien to the ways of this planet, and sometimes it really hurts. So know that change is on the way, and try to be kind to yourself in the interim.
  11. Consciously exercise compassion for others as much as possible. If you follow any of the more 3D aspects of the liberation, such as the Q posts and the arrest of criminals, quite often you’ll find people are just tearing apart the pedophiles and satanists. Which is understandable! My dad was a pedophile who sexually abused me when I was a toddler. While I don’t remember everything yet, and I have been on quite the journey of recovery and healing, I honestly believe he did the best that he could. Something wasn’t right for him to do what he did. Do I hate him for it? Do I wish hell on him? No. I don’t actually believe it was his fault; I see him as being a victim of this strange world and situation that we find ourselves in. As the arrests take place, let’s try to cultivate the same compassion for those whose time is coming to an end. Except HRC. Haha jokes, even for her ;)
  12. Live from your HEART. Nowadays when it comes to making decisions, I drop into my heart centre and I ask my intuition which is the right way to go. I follow that guidance even if the security of our family is based on it and I can’t see any logic to it. If you really follow this, you do need to be sure you can discern whether you are being interfered with. But if you work on honing the connection, you will see yourself taking massive leaps of faith and honouring your Divinity and your soul in a beautiful way. Miracles occur when you do this!

I hope this has helped. I love you all so much and feel such a strong connection to the starseed community. I can’t wait for us all to meet in person and have a giant post-solar flash party! Sending you love and blessings <3 Ananja xx

PS. If you want a personal transmission I'm offering them via Skype, just email to book <3

PPS. I'm really sorry if I don't reply to all comments and emails - part of my own anchoring of the goddess is to give my son the love and presence he deserves, and not have my head buried in my laptop the whole time! My aim is to get the content out there but I don't always have time to engage in conversation individually. Please know it's not personal <3